National Skoolie Association is one of the fastest growing skoolie groups in the world. It has connected thousands of skoolie people and it’s just getting warmed up! The people behind this organization work 24-7 to continue the effort to grow the community and inspire others to jump on board.

It all began when a college student, Nick B., was taking upper level business classes at Montana State University. He needed to develop a business idea that could help better the community, while incorporating his passions. What it has turned into, is a successful brand that is connecting skoolie people from all around the country (and the world).

About The Creators

Nick B. I’m a first generation Ukrainian-American, moving from Pennsylvania to Montana, to complete my bachelor’s degree in business management (with a focus and minor in small business & entrepreneurship). I decided to pursue this business concept, as I love traveling and exploring the great outdoors.

A few months ago, I graduated Montana State University and now I’m moving, to venture into the next chapter of my life. Nick S. is a longtime friend of mine (since high school). Early on into our friendship, Nick S. and I would always go on road trips, hikes, and fishing trips, during weekends and our summers off from school. Together, we have built National Skoolie Association and we look forward to helping the skoolie community continue to grow and thrive.

Get To Know Nick B.

Favorite Travel Destination: Glacier National Park
Favorite Activity: Camping with friends
Favorite Food: Pierogies
Favorite Time Of Year: Early Fall
Favorite Skoolie Tool: My Leatherman
Favorite Type Of Skoolie: Short Flatnose Bus
Favorite Childhood Memory: Traveling to Ukraine every summer and being able to experience a whole different culture and lifestyle.
Favorite National Skoolie Association Moment:
Senior Year of College:

Me: I need to come up with an idea for my business capstone.
Us: Brainstorming new inventions…
Me: Hey, I think we need to begin looking into converting school buses into homes on wheels.
Nick S: Okay!
Me: One Year Later: Dude, we just hit 27k followers on IG in one year.

Nick S. When I graduated high school, I started working full-time in pharmaceuticals. During my time off from work, I would travel, whether it be on road trips to National Parks or Disney World (big Disney person).

Throughout the time that Nick B. was in Montana studying, I maintained a very close friendship with him. He recruited me for this project, since we both had similar passions and since then, we’ve built this brand.

Get To Know Nick S.

Favorite Travel Destination: Disney! The happiest place on earth!
Favorite Activity: Golfing or traveling
Favorite Food: Anything Mexican!
Favorite Time Of Year: Fall, perfect 60-65 degrees with the leaves falling
Favorite Skoolie Tool: Milwaukee 1/2 drive
Favorite Type Of Skoolie: a shorty!
Favorite Childhood Memory: Traveling to Denmark for 2 weeks. Have unforgettable memories from there.
Favorite National Skoolie Association Moment: This is tough! I don’t want to be cliché and say that all of it has been, but there’s nothing better than helping someone. There’s been many times where we helped troubleshoot someone’s bus issues or have given them insights on what else they could do. This is what makes the skoolie community!

National Skoolie Association has become WAY more than a project. This is our newfound passion and career aspiration. We find great joy in helping the community and doing our part for the environment. We feel honored to be part of this movement with you all. Really, what better community is there than this one!?