The Lills (@thelillslife)

Very soon after we launched National Skoolie Association on Instagram, we connected with The Lills, an incredible skoolie / bus life couple, who are all about helping the community (they built us this amazing website and they are helping skoolie people turn their adventures into successful brands!).

Their story begins with an act of courageousness. After being displaced by Hurricane Matthew in 2016, they got in their 1978 VW bus (with $3,000 to their name and just a few belongings) and took a leap of faith. With no planning involved, they simply drove into the unknown! Crazy, right?

At National Skoolie Association, it is our mission to connect you with the most inspiring skoolie enthusiasts and owners. We want those of you who are dreaming of this lifestyle to be encouraged to pursue your Skoolie Life and we want to connect all of the wonderful people who are already part of this amazing community.